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The portal was launched in 2010 but due to the great advantages it offers to its users MedLex is growing exponentially.

Today there are more than 1000 registered users on the portal representing both industry domains. MedLex is the web portal where Swiss health insurance develops.

MedLex is the place where Swiss healthcare providers and health insurance carriers meet to build mutually beneficial relationships.
It is a web based portal that provides its users with rich functionality and unlimited opportunities for partnership.

If you are a healthcare expert you can create both your personal account and a corporate account for the company you work at.
It will help your company find business partners among health insurance carriers.

And if you are a health insurance carrier MedLex is the ideal place for you to find professional healthcare experts with appropriate legal experience and linguistic skills to help you solve your issues.

Using the portal is easy and effective – you just have to undergo a simple registration procedure. Provide some contact and personal information for your future partners to understand what your strengths are and what kind of collaborationyou are looking for.

Why use MedLex?

We give particular emphasis to the problem of lack of transparency in healthcare insurance industry. Protection of rights and interests of the parties involved in insurance assignment and processing was one of the principles put at the basis of MedLex portal.

MedLex expanded statistics allows seekers find the expert or expertise center that suits them best in terms of price, processing time and qualifications what results in unbiased selection of experts for each case and makes the whole collaboration mechanism transparent. MedLex is the place where fair competition is the right way to success.

MedLex has many more to offer you – discover your personal advantages now!