MedLex for experts (expertise centres)

Grow your practice in a professional way with MedLex – explore the benefits of moving routine operations into the internet. MedLex is an excellent opportunity for you to build up your reputation among patients and expand your client base. Every patient is welcome to write a review of his/her collaboration and doctors are to choose whether to place these reviews on their profiles or not. It goes without saying that the more positive reviews you have, the higher your reputation is. So let your patients promote your services!

MedLex is your door to the world where partnership between insurance carriers and medical experts is guided by the principles of transparency and fairness. Showcase your skills and stop others from earning your money.

In combination with ActaMedical EMR and PM system MedLex forms a powerful highly-functional tool. Share files and export statistical data quickly and easily. It is unmatched in optimizing and enhancing everyday secretarial tasks and operations.

So, what is MedLex for your practice…

Equality Enjoy fair competition with your colleagues MedLex is the place where business relations are built on the basis of transparent selection of most appropriate partners
Connection Communication and data transfer — safe, quick, effective Get connected with other users, send and receive files in a matter of seconds, no risk of data loss or disclosure
Integration The true value of IT solutions Export statistical data from your EMR system (like ActaMedical) with a few clicks, fine-tune the workflow and watch the work done automatically
Control Manage your appointments Custom designed calendar allows medical experts effectively manage time and provide insurers with controllable access to free appointments
Savings It’s time to go paperless Receive quotes, create reports, exchange files and messages, send invoices – without piles of paper, no filing cabinet needed
Reputation Let your skills speak for you Provide professional services, get excellent reviews, showcase your expertise and get more clients!

Check out the way MedLex can change your day-to-day working process by optimizing every single operation you have to perform.