MedLex for patients

With lack of transparency in medical insurance operations MedLex is a breath of fresh air with detailed doctors’ profiles that allow view client history, legal experience and specialties of every medical professional, provided he/she fills the profile with all the information.

For every patient it is vitally important to have confidence in the doctor they deal with, because this person takes care of their health and well-being. Is there a better was to find out how reliable, unbiased and caring this or that doctor is, than read reviews of other patients who have personal experience?! Get valuable information from patients’ reviews on every doctor’s profile and don’t forget to share your experience!

MedLex opens the doors into the world were healthcare and insurance professionals take decisions and actions regarding our health. Now you can stay in control of the issues that influence your healthcare and keep in touch with the people responsible for decision making.

MedLex adds greater transparency to healthcare workflow – selection of experts, their evaluations of cases, interactions with insurance companies and other aspects that take place within the scope of collaboration between insurance carriers and healthcare experts.

So, What is in MedLex for you…

Quality Higher quality of medical care With MedLex the quality of medical care you get increases together with the transparency of your health insurance
Support Reliable help from qualified experts Experts working with your insurance carriers will be happy to answer all your questions and allay your concerns
Information Exhaustive information about experts and consultants MedLex is the place where you can find comprehensive information about the people who are in charge of your healthcare insurance
Protection Control over your healthcare issues Don’t let chips fall where they may – make sure you get qualified and timely help and support
Community Feedback from other patients Get feedback on the work of medical experts from patients like you and share your own experience

It’s time to take control over your healthcare issues! Register on MedLex and get involved into the process of solving your insurance challenges and managing your healthcare.